Outdoor Agility

Hi! I hope you are all staying busy but healthy throughout this weird time. First of all, I have missed the club & seeing you all so much over these past weeks - how lucky am I to get to work with such amazing kids that it actually makes me miss working...thank you! Us coaches know how hard access to tennis is right now & we really want you to stay connected to the game. Throughout the remainder of our closure we will be providing content here that will give you ideas on how to keep improving while your regular tennis schedule is interrupted.

If you try any of our posted activities or challenges - we want to see! Please send pictures or videos directly to my email Who knows, there may even be some Hi Chew rewards involved with this once we're all back together ;)

That being said, I'll start us off with some footwork/agility...

In class we often get the agility ladders out to warm y'all up. These ladder exercises are so great for implementing great footwork, which is huge in tennis. The good news is that it's fairly easy to bust out some tape or sidewalk chalk and create one of these ladders yourself. Pick a spot, outside or in an area like the garage and start building your ladder. I am going to leave a link below to help with measurements - if you try and free hand it, just make sure the boxes are relatively similar in size & have enough room for two feet at once.

A lot of you may remember some of the exercises we use in class for this. Feel free to use what you remember & spend some time free-styling with your own patterns. In the same link below, there is a list of 9 great patterns to try...there are videos to help you out. You can also grab a tennis ball & try some different movements with your arm while attempting to keep your agility work going at the same time - I am going to leave some videos from our own classes for you to see an example of this.

Have fun! Can't wait to get back on the courts with you!

Coach Blakeley

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